Test Executor FCT Bundle

To kick start your Functional Compliance Testing you can order our Test ExecutorTM FCT Bundle, which is comprised of our FCTE Unit and optional supported components.


Functional Compliance Text ExecutorTM Unit.

Our one stop test unit with configurable Test Executor TM FCT and RMA software +


Scan Avenger 1 and 2D Wireless Bar Code Scanner SA8900 or SA9000. *


Labjack U3-HV Base or OEM Data Acquisition Unit. *


Elecrow Meteor 10 Inch Touch Screen for Operator control of Test Unit. *

* All components are subject to availability from suppliers and to be confirmed on each order.

* Components may differ from displayed images

+ For more information on our Test Executor TM FCT and RMA software refer Production Automation

Price quoted on order request

^ Bundle components are not sold separately


To order

  1. email us for a quote for “Test Executor Bundle 1” at info @ direktembedded.com
  2. indicate which components to include and how many bundles
  3. we will verify availability of components and quote
  4. on confirmation of order send you an invoice
  5. order components on payment of invoice
  6. ship bundle on arrival of all components

Additional Component Support

If you require support for other components, like additional test equipment, lets discuss and we can quote for the service to provide support for these by our FCTE-1 Unit.

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