Development Process Review

Direkt Embedded TM is a consultancy interested in helping companies build successful development.

If you are finding that your product development is not as effective and efficient as you think it should be, we can help by reviewing your development process.

Note by process we mean development process, not project management process.

If you are developing embedded systems you may well have a process in place to varying degrees of success. Among others, obstacles that can block the success of team development are

  • stagnation
  • passivity
  • overkill
  • process for process sake
  • self interest
  • responsibility ambiguity

Note, that the previous paragraph refers to team development success rather than process ‘type’ success. This was intentional because the obstacles are more often that not independent of which process you may follow whether it be a derivative of agile, waterfall, v model, extreme or no process.

Most often enough, the obstacle is not dependent on what the process is but rather that the process is not helping development.

For us to review your process and provide effective feedback we would work with you to analyse your development from product definition, architecture, design, source control, and integration (continuous or not). At the end of this we would provide you with a report and set of suggestions of what is working and what is maybe not. Note, that the report intent is for improvements, which may contradict what you think or would like, so this should be discussed before any review is started.

If you think your development could benefit from a third party review, contact us to discuss further.

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