Embedded Linux & Yocto Project

Yocto Project

The Yocto Project ® is a build system system which can be used to create an embedded Linux distribution for numerous embedded processors.

The community is wide, and there is a large number of silicon vendors which contribute heavily to the project.

Direkt Embedded TM has a decade of experience starting with the original OE-classic Open Embedded, which is the core of the Yocto Project, and can help you with setup, training and development using this powerful build system.

Embedded Linux

If your embedded products have a higher end feature set and are not battery powered, embedded Linux ® is a likely candidate.

If you are going to or are using it as the operating system for your product all your staff will need to be at least proficient in using Linux as a Unix style operating system.

If you are developing for and integrating it, then your engineering team will need a deeper knowledge of both the Linux kernel and the Linux file system and its start up.

Direkt Embedded TM can help in the initial design and training of your staff in developing an embedded Linux system using the Yocto Project, and in developing or upstreaming open source components.

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