Production Automation

At Direkt Embedded TM we specialize in production automation software for Functional Compliance Testing and Production Process Flow.

Direkt Embedded’s Functional Test Automation provides you with

  • Easy to use Automation
  • Lower Skilled Operator
  • Traceability
  • Yield Statistics
  • Insights
  • Throughput Monitoring
  • Process Improvement
  • Design Analysis
  • Best of Open Source
  • Flexibility


Test Executor TM FCT

Test Executor TM RMA

Test Dash TM

Test Suites

We leverage Robot Framework to abstract test suites from your test creation, turning your suites into something like this.

We can work with you to

  • Setup Functional Compliance Testing as an operator centric solution integrating Test Executor TM FCT and Test Dash TM.
  • Setup Test Executor TM RMA for device test analysis.
  • Integrate Test Executor TM to your existing Python® test solution.
  • Design and implement customised software, integrating to your ERP system to improve your production process flow.

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Test Executor TM

Test Dash TM

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