IoT and Embedded Devices

IoT or the “Internet of Things” is the new buzz and covers a large technology set from cloud based software through storage and analysis of data gathered from internet connected embedded devices.

Broadly there are two primary types of devices.

  • Low power, low capability, micro-controller based devices using a real time operating system, or no operating system.
  • High capability, higher power, microprocessor based devices, many based on an embedded Linux variation.

The common factor in both of these in IoT is communications, hence the Internet in the name.

Otherwise the devices are like any other embedded device which have been designed and developed for decades.

The big difference today is that internet software developers and device developers are crossing boundaries, and this is a new challenge for any team.

Direkt Embedded TM can assist your team in developing robust and functional IoT embedded devices, both through articles on this site, product design and review, training and mentoring and development of or upstreaming of open source components.

We believe that a team that understands what they are doing and how they can effectively develop, is a step in the right direction of creating robust embedded systems.

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