Own the Product

If you are a product owner your strength will come from owning the product not the team. Understand all parts of your product from users needs to build and production of it and set direction in a way that releases and empowers your team.

Open source Divergence

Is divergence the open source weakness?

No one could deny open source has greatly impacted the tech industry in the last 20+ years. There is probably not a single web site you visit that does not run on open source in some way.

When it comes to code reuse, you can not beat it.

Yet its proliferation and ease of changing (forking a project) has also meant that for every solution/project there are many divergences.

Is this the open source weakness. Will consistent proprietary source win out in the end?

The Open Source Dilemma

Technology businesses today are faced with the dilemma of open source. They can’t live with it, nor without it.

Traditionally a business needs to own its Intellectual Property to be commercially viable.

Open source contradicts this as ownership is open and shared, making the choice of using it a catch-22.

Once upon a time the businesses owned the high tech and hence in a way controlled the technology. Today, open source drives many technology sectors and is changing its landscape.

Today spending money on entirely proprietary source means you will be competing against companies who are faster to market simply because they leverage and reuse existing open source components.

Yet, even if you do not need to buy open source, it is not “free” and maintaining it for your own needs comes with its own challenges.

How your business handles this dilemma can make the difference between success and failure.

At Direkt Embedded we challenge you to embrace open source and invite you to take us with you on your journey.